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In a small town in the boonies of South Carolina, a closeted young man named George is trying to figure out how to keep his late father's business running, only to be faced with a ghost from his youth. A young Muslim, who he knew as his boyhood lover Latif, has returned as Latifa to take care of her estranged fathers funeral. Forced to confront devils both have been avoiding, they find that their only way out of the past, is through each other.

Full-length | 2W, 2M | Genre: drama

One Act | 1W, 1M | Genre: drama

Jasmyne, a trans woman and bridesmaid, runs into an empty room at a wedding reception to catch her breath, only for the cause of her anxiety to follow her in. Drew and Jasmyne haven’t spoken in months and she wants to keep it that way; however, he has other plans. The past is reopened, the present examined, and in ten minutes, they find these perfect seconds.

These Perfect


The Devils

Between Us


What's in a name? Five individuals are searching for theirs as they navigate their relationship with John; a straight white man trying his best. His best friend is in love with him, his sister needs him, strangers confide in him and the woman he loves just might hate him. John tries to define his relationships with the people in his life, while they are trying to define themselves. Can they shake their namesakes? Or are they exactly as the world sees them...

Full-length | 3W, 3M | Genre: comedy, drama, movement